Lasik and Jesus

I am typing this without looking. Had lasik today. Learned something about praise.

Do not read if you are squeamish around eyeballs. If you couldn’t handle minority report, stop now.

Arrived early, was seen late—after morning prayer–grabbed diner breakfast with emily and timothy first. got spit up on all over my dress. Not a problem.
The doctors were amazing. They make you feel sooooo comfortable (um, this includes some drugs). Then they always tell you exactly what is going on. George sounds exactly like the guy from despicable me. (exactly).

“Ok reeeebecca, now we are going to do the ice cube on the eye”.

So as they did the procedure (both eyes) — I started singing “our God is an awesome God” in my head. I think it was a mix of xanex and fear. The eyeball shaped stressballs (one for each hand) were not enough to calm me down fully as the “pressure” started. Even my nose hurt for 30 seconds. When they did the laser part, i could smell my eye burning. it was terrifying. So i’m signing all the while “he reigns, from heaven above with wisdom..honor and love…”

Honestly–during the part where i could see them poking and cutting my eye with tiny forceps and knives and sweeping my eye with a little broom (I CAN SEE THIS HAPPENING) — i realized how awesome this really was. It turned from prayer singing into praise singing. It just kept going–and i realized that sometimes praising God is really a prayer (to start) but it always turns into a chorus of worship to Him since he is WORTHY of all affection, attention, fear, love, honor—

I guess I’m saying that worship is not about us It may make us feel nice, or more able to handle ice cubes directly on the eyeball (that was the worst part) — but when we sing to the King from our hearts it will always turn into adoration of his magnificent might and creativity (to make eyes and tools that can fix my vision–really? He gave us brains to invent tiny lasers!?)..

And so if you’re sad, afraid, worried—praise. The word Hosanna is a praise word that means “please save” — but it also is worship of God. I want to use it all the time. Hey so–our God reigns!


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