My sister is married.

I felt like I needed to write something here about today. Sarah got married today, even though she said she never would. She married a tall man named Milton, who she met at age 16, on AOL instant messenger (he randomly im-ed her).

Never seen Sarah look so happy. And I was so happy to be with my whole family again. Everybody! Even Beth, Jon’s gf I hadnt met yet. I was especially amazed at:

1.) Jon’s ability to quit smoking after soo long—his intelligence, interest and knowing attitude about a lot of what I’m working on or say.
2.) Noah’s perseverance and willingness to still work through things when times get hard—his new job, coming to church tomorrow—thinking of other options and working on getting back into school.
3.) Micah’s ability to climb up a tree in a suit to put the pinata string there. And his responsibility–tomorrow he knew he needed to get to church by the eight thirty service so he could clean his cabin 2.5 hours away to prepare for his next week of campers, and to attend a baptism to stand with his friend…i tried to convince him to go later and he calculated how much time is wise to be safe. Then he asked me to breakfast before the 8 AM service. What an awesome brother. :D.
4.) Caleb’s ability to play guitar AND ukalale. i cant even spell it. But we had guitar, uke AND harmonica in “Come thou fount”. it was awesome.
5.) Hannah’s fashion sense and hair curling abilities. I did a lot of my hair myself today (first) but she did curl the whole thing at 7 AM. Hopefully next time she wont hate it as much. I am not kidding when I say that i would have burned off whole sections of my hair without her.

Maybe later i can make a whole post about how amazing mom is. She planned the most beautiful wedding Sarah and Milton could ever dream of, with a breeze, a wonderful reception site—it was just amazing. And she didnt stress at all like i would’ve expected. And she found the coolest place to pick out wildflowers. Reading this we sound like a hippie family or something. But really, i decided this was a hipster wedding that was SUPER exclusive and everybody wished they could come but it was just small 😀 just immediate family.

Or I could also write more about Dad’s super awkward speech “I think of myself as a big teddy bear” , Milton’s ability to kill owl pinatas, or Papa’s steadfastness..for now i need to go to sleep and wake up to micahbreakfast.

I will say that i’m overwhelmed with thankfulness for the family i was given — and I couldnt make it through “The gambler” today with my sister crying and listening to me sing. I sang with an almost sob the whole song, but i guess people liked it. Not an ideal situation but at least i didnt start crying :D.

I just didnt wanna forget favorite parts, like when Sarah’s dress got stuck to Noah’s pocket. dsfkldsjfkldjflkdsjfkdslfjsdlfj i cried laughing. Or when Pastor Geoff interrupted the vows to explain agape love or when Hannah accidentally got 2 cups of the blood of Christ during Communion.

Congrats Sarah and Milton! Enjoy your life together til death do you part—–loved being a part of your day!..


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  1. Dad

    hmm.. I was afraid it grew awkward. Super awkward ‘teddy bear’ talk? oops. Fill me in sometime on where I went wrong, will ya? Love you and your blog

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