I bought a “tippr” deal that expires end of September.

Let’s celebrate my bday by cashing it in and recording (or just playing) tunes!

Comment with 1.) days that work for you before end of September (i’m thinkin labor day weekend after church). 2.) what you wanna play! 3.) songs you wanna do?

Deal Information
Bad news for PB&J aficionados hoping to score some discount preserves: This is a different kind of jam. Good news for budding rock stars: With today’s deal, $30 rents you two hours of rehearsal time in one of JamSpot’s Player Rooms—an $80 value! To sweeten the deal, once five people buy in, every purchaser will have the option to secure a third hour at half price, bringing the total value to $100!

JamSpot is New England’s largest and best-known rehearsal company, providing great rooms, professional gear, and exceptional customer service for every musician. Clean, comfortable, great-sounding studios are fully equipped with high end equipment from Fender, Marshall, Ampeg, Yamaha, and Zildjian. JamSpot is a fantastic space to make music, whether you’re rehearsing, recording, or just jamming with friends. The Player Room can accommodate up to 10 musicians, and includes a full-sized drum kit, two guitar amps, a bass rig, three mic setups, a PA system, and a CD recording system.

These jams are sweet, but they won’t leave you sticky. Pick up today’s deal from JamSpot for a rockin’ good time.


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