Are we at the beach dad—hey dad!?

Are we at the beach?

Last weekend, I had the great opportunity to go with my dad on a whale watch :D.

For those who understand Boston geography:

• We started in JP (Boston, pretty south/west). Drove north and east.
• We left from Gloucester (north shore)
• We went for 2 hours on a boat just to get to the whales (south…)
• We ended up being able to see, ever so faintly, the tip of Cape Cod (P-town). We were very south.

So while we sailed from the North Shore to Cape Cod, we could see NO land at all. I’ve never been out so far in the middle of the ocean. IT was fascinating. Just sea, sea sea as far as my new lasik-improved eyes could see —
It was somewhere within the first hr or two that this one kid started looking REALLY confused. He looked up at his Dad and asked (repeatedly): DAD?!
Are we at the beach?
Dad! Dad! Are we at the beach!?
I laughed, because NO we are not at the beach, we are in an ocean, in the middle of the sea, and the beach is where land MEETS sea.. Beaches are a little different from shores and coasts and there are big words explaining how. (All of this I had to google later).
With God, I am that kid. I’m like “I THINK THIS IS WHAT IS GOING ON! God! God! Is this what is going on!? Hey! Hey Are we ______?”
All the people on the boat thought he was cute, and confused. I think I am silly sometimes, and need to stop trying to define everything, but just enjoy the scenery.

I’ve been more and more ok with knowing how tiny my brain is and how BIG God is recently. He is a wise, all knowing God, who is bigger than the entire ocean.

So he may spend time explaining to me, “no daughter, this is the ocean, and a beach is a geological formation I created where the water meets the land and forms…etc…” but other times he might not—he might just have me watch and learn and enjoy and be.


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