I just didn’t want to forget today. It started with pancakes and omelets made from our basil plant and everybody’s shared ingredients. It continued with worship, prayer and then lying around. It had a moment with neighbors where we handed them brownies so they could get through the rest of the storm. Then painting, a long time. (Africa). Now 4PM. Need lunch.
Then prayer in the PRAYER ROOM :).
Then hanging around, cleaning and organizing! Praying with Arricka. Bollywood with the ladies. :).

mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Overwhelmed with thankfulness every second when I think about his love. He is so good all the time–not sure how to handle it.

Today He taught me that we ARENT GOING TO DIE. yep. 2 corinthians. part about our tent and being swallowed up by life.

And how about this verse for those of us working on self-control?

2 cor. 5:14: For the love of Christ controls us, because we have concluded this: that one has died for all, therefore all have died;

I always learned compels not controls. Amazing.


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  1. Dad

    I love that your apt has a prayer room. I think your old bedroom is about to be re-purposed from a guestroom to a prayer room with guest bed

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