Just a little while longer til i see you

In my last post: http://wp.me/sa57G-753, I started by talking about how we are leaving soonish for Heaven. I still believe this. But that post soon talked about bodies and what to expect, when the WHOLE reason I started it was to say how excited I am to go be face to face with God.

http://www.jonathanfordlee.com/mp3/12.14.09.JustALittleWhileLonger.mp3 really describes what I’m talking about in a worshipful way. We’re gonna be with Him! What else matters? Some people feel like while we’re here it’s our time to have fun before we die, or it’s our time to make a difference in the world before we die (good..) But spending more time on that than in knowing Him…that attitude…It’s a little like “I’ll sleep (or worship him) when I’m dead.”

See: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=706539776705 . This facebook video i made a long time ago, and it has an awkward title, but it’s more on this topic. I watched it last weekend and it was a good reminder to myself about why it’s ok that I don’t get to travel this year, but rather stay in one place and learn new things.

But rather than “I’ll worship when I’m dead”, we should get to know him NOW. Living with the idea that you can get to know Him (and we will) during eternity, so we do not need to invest serious time now, is silly. It’d be like just going on a honeymoon to spend all your time with someone you don’t really know. Get to know him now, on earth. It makes him happy and you—-well, words can’t describe the benefit to you. No time in his presence is wasted, ever. You will never regret time spent in his presence.

Preachin to myself here—listening to him, worshiping him, praying to him and reading about him—is the only way we will grow in our relationship with Him and become more like Him and learn to love him more. That in itself makes everything else work. Get that in order and all the rest just sort of flows, for “If we’re led by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit”.

Plus, people who don’t know Jesus will wonder if we don’t enjoy being with Him and don’t ever start to act like Him. When you love someone, you talk about them, yea? Everybody in love knows this—still, I find that when I’ve got little to say about Him, it’s because I’m not hanging out with Him, not because I don’t love him. But hey. This is just being written to encourage you that he is wonderful, not that you are slacking. And it’s for me, in 2 years from now when I revisit my blog, so I can remember this lesson I learned the hard way. Hope I’m growing then, in 2 years, and remembering that time with HIM in prayer is always good, necessary and has value in eternity. Wish I’d spent more time investing there this year in the place of prayer and worship.

As for sitting around praying all day vs. going out and doing stuff, when we abide in Him, he tells us what the important stuff is that we need to still do (AKA Why we haven’t left for Heaven yet.) And the minute He is done with us here, we get to go be with Him there. This. Is. AWESOME.

= )! Late to work. boo.

Update: MADE IT ON TIME. forgot bike lock. awkward bike in the office day.


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