Peopled out?

I am realizing that I do not get peopled out as much as I thought (yes, it’s possible for me to get tired of talking/having energy. seriously.)

Today I realized–It’s not so much “too many people” as it is not ENOUGH time with God.

It is not a bad feeling to hang out with people constantly (today i met about –literally—77 new people around Fenway then realized all my friends from college were in town wanting to see each other and have old times again), but it is a bad feeling to not have enough time alone with him. Hard to explain. its not the people. It could be anything: hiking alone, dinner with best friends every night, swimming——- but if I dont get time with Him, there is a bad feeling. It’s not “oh im peopled out”. it’s really “oh im deprived of time with Him”.

Also have any of you SEEN me at night? Those of you who think i have unending energy should see me around 11:30 PM. hahahahahahahahcrash.

also, a note:

i DO get peopled out when we’re all on a sidewalk and people are REALLY CLOSE to me and stopping when i’m trying to walk–(Times square, North End, etc.). But that’s a whole nother topic for another time.

Night everybody!


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  1. Andrea

    Becca your sharing this is super timely! This is NSO week at RIT, so I was afraid of too much people-time. This gives me a strategy!

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