All the Single Ladies Vol. 2: Playing hard to get

I have decided I will not play hard to get.
instead, I will try to be hard to get. (God-willing, as He helps me).

this is easier said than done, since my heart is already slightly distracted by someone. BUT..

Think about this one, ladies.

1.) We will never have an opportunity like this again—where we can do WHATEVER we want, WHENEVER we want. Tomorrow morning is labor day–and i can wake up and do whatever the heck i want. I can go write a song, walk up the street and go get a muffin. If i have little mini-beccas someday, I will not have the time to spend in total peace with Jesus (like I do now) or the time to spend with others like I do now. Right now, when the spirit says GO I can GO. PLEASE CLICK for a reminder. It’s not good to get distracted. That’s like spending the entire time you study in college thinking about once you’re out of college as a professional. Then later you want to go BACK TO COLLEGE. Just enjoy the experience! Look forward and learn for when you’re out of college, but stay in the moment! You’re (hopefully) never gonna be single again. Sadly, i know married people who wish they were single. Don’t waste the time!

2.) As ladies, we need to submit to the man we marry. That means he had better be someone you can trust and listen to daily. Not someone who’s not really sure what God is saying, or who often says, “God told me X” then later reneges. He has to hear God’s voice loud and clear. Tonight Charlotte made me realize any of us Fenway ladies could just go to a bar right now and get some boyfriend who makes us feel nice—-but let’s be honest—who wants that? We want strong leaders who hear God (maybe better than we do). You gotta see this person every day for years and live to serve alongside him, sleep alongside him, and submit to his decisions. You better really love him.

3.) Wait on the Lord. I’ve heard it said that: “A woman’s heart should be so hidden in God that a man has to seek Him just to find her.” Makes sense. From Him comes every good thing. I like to lie down sometimes and just open my hands and remember to ask him for what I want, since everything I want is going to come from HIM if it comes at all. Silly to look elsewhere. I should do that more often, right!?

4.) You already know the best Man who ever lived. You should be hard to get because HE bought you. Also–especially those of us raised Christian, let’s be careful of our expectations. We get to know God who never disappoints while we begin to love people who always disappoint. Thinking that because you waited for a GOD-sent husband, you will get the perfect man….that is recipe for disaster. Know God now as your Provider, so that he will continue to be that after you marry. He is your Person who cares what you did today every night (I’ve heard husbands don’t wanna hear details every night on what happened during the day). He is your Protector. If you learn to know Him as these things now, then you won’t be destroyed if your husband sometimes disappoints and you won’t have false expectations. God is the ultimate listener, carer, generous giver, romantic, wonderful, famous, sweet, kind, always patient Isaiah 54:5…HUSBAND.

“For your Maker is your husband, the LORD of hosts is his name; and the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer, the God of the whole earth he is called.”

I don’t write it, I just share it.

5.) You don’t need to shop. If a man is out there for you, he’ll come from God. So ask him. Be single. Love God. Some might say “OH MY GOSH BECCA! GOD helps those who help THEMSELVES!” I’m not saying wear sackcloth and sit home and don’t meet others. If you must put yourself out there, do so 10 percent of the time that you spend asking Him. Otherwise you possibly believe that you’re 90 percent more capable of finding Mr. Right than God is. If you believe he is more capable, spend the time praying.

Or hey, don’t. There’s a lot of things out there to pray for, and as I learned earlier today, sometimes we do not pray for things and GOD STILL GIVES THEM TO US :)! He loves you! I could probably pray for Africa an hour a day and if He knows I want kids and a man he might give me some without me begging. But I’m not sure about this theology yet. I learned it from a 5 year old and I need to try it out. Not that I’m not praying about love, quite the contrary. I’m already a bit distracted by an undefined thing. Prayer has currently–to be. But enough of that topic for tonight.

No messing around. Just keep focused. The world is ending. And hey: anyone you need to trick to get to love you—it might be worth reconsidering. If you know God brought you together, stickiness has a new level of trust when things hit the fan. If it was founded on tricky manipulative games, hard to say.

So the point is, never play hard to get. BE hard to get! A good man will get you, or you can stay focused on the best Man who ever lived, who never disappoints.



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3 responses to “All the Single Ladies Vol. 2: Playing hard to get

  1. Ed de la Cour

    For a wee lass, you’ve got a heart full of godly wisdom. You’re an amazing woman of God, of which I’m reminded whenever I get to talk with you. And I recall any number of long conversations in our past!

    Truth is: you don’t want a man if he isn’t God’s man. A Christian man doesn’t want a woman who is not God’s woman. I’ve watched way too many young men and young women sacrifice God’s best on the altar of having someone warm to snuggle with — and then I’ve watched their marriages shrivel up and die. Because they listened to their hearts instead of hearing from God. Because they decided to go with their feelings rather than God’s truth. Because they decided to go for a test drive, or two, or three, or a hundred.

    Stick to your guns, Becca! Because, in the end, if you will wait upon God He will give you the desire of your heart — which, if you’ve been waiting on God, will be the desire of His heart for you.

    Win, win.

  2. Thanks Ed! Really, it is — totally Win Win.

  3. there is allot of wisdom here. Good stuff and great thoughts.

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