What I learned from a kid today

Today I was in charge of kid’s church.

I prepared a lesson about the people of Israel crossing the Jordan because: “We never have to be afraid because God answers our prayers and the Lord is our Helper!”

We ate lots of teddy grahams and were looking for juice boxes.

Me: Uh oh! There’s only two boxes!
Sean (helping too): So one for me and one for Becca.
Kids: NO!! giggle.
Me: Oh wait there is another one.


Me: So God helps us when we pray!
Abigail (imagine HUUUUUGE blue eyes and little tiny face):

“He helps us when we don’t pwaay toooo! Like when we didn’t have a juice box, we didn’t pway but he just gave us one!”

me: ………………….(amazed and speechless).

Guess what the sermon was apparently on? God healing and helping people who don’t even ask. Yep. Didn’t even have to go.

But i will be listening to it when it gets uploaded :).



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2 responses to “What I learned from a kid today

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  2. Dad

    Love this truth and how it was expressed. Big smiles here as I see the moment in my mind’s eye

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