Waiting and Hopin and thinkin and prayin..


It’s 1:15 AM. A blog post is happening because I do not want to forget a wonderful conversation between my roomie, a young new beautiful friend, and myself.

Key idea:
Your Father in Heaven knows what you need before you ask him. He is a good God who pours out all we need. If he has not given it, you obviously do not need it. So let’s run the race and wait for what he gives.

Men (generally) do not spend as much time analyzing us or relationships OR getting over hurt and pain (GENERALLY, men! That’s all i’m saying!) as women. I listened to a heart-wrenching story tonight of a young lady and a man who wasn’t careful with her heart–he wasn’t “sinning” but he wasn’t obeying 1 Tim 5:2–”Loving younger women as sisters in absolute purity”. She is still healing, sad, and was on the bench for a while with a broken heart. It’s hard to focus when things hurt so much.

When we get ourselves and our thoughts/hearts/minds “involved”, from a crush to a full-on relationship — and things aren’t working we: 1.) try to make them work 2.) try to pull through by hoping for something better down the line. “he must have someone better for me”. We also 3.) wonder why it seems easier for our male friend than for us to move on or shift thoughts.

“There must be someone even better for you”…Actually, He IS something better for you! “And now Oh Lord, for what do i wait? My hope is in you!” Ps. 39:7. Don’t just hold out trusting God to give you the right prince. Trust God to give you HIMSELF. It’s not “and now oh Lord for what do i wait? My hope is in you to give me what I’m asking!”..

Second, we can’t “make things work” any more than we can change someone else’s mind or convince someone that J is the way. He makes things grow and be and he will guide the man to a godly woman. Take time to practice your gifts, learn to minister to God and hear his voice. The kind of man you want will find that irresistible and it is certainly more worthwhile than getting prettier, going tanning or reading books on relationships or how to be in one.

Ladies: This blog could be about anything! It could be about the great commission or how to help babies in Nairobi. But it’s about men being a distraction because yet again, i find young blossoms around me whose hearts were broken by careless men (forgive them Lord, they don’t know what they do) or confused expectations (usually somewhat rightfully confused). What a waste in these last days to constantly re-learn not to get caught up in distractions.

Guard your hearts. Lock them on him. Fix your eyes on Jesus. He is never confusing about his love for you. He is never one to disappoint or forget. He never hurts you, never leaves you and will never forsake you. He is not who we have while we await another husband, he IS our husband and he will always be. If he wants you to meet someone and marry, you will. If he doesn’t, no amount of worry or thought, primping or planning will get you a man. Don’t waste your precious time–please bounce your thoughts to Him and his goodness.

Men: BE CAREFUL. Please! You just read how much this affects us. You’re not “all sinners” but you have no idea how much your decisions impact your sisters. Our spiritual lives and emotional lives are all tied up together.

Pray to God about how to treat the girls in your life. He is excellent. He will help you. He is the perfect “hitch” and will help you in the right time to be a godly leader.

When it comes to seasons (of not having a job, of singleness, of working in a job you don’t really love—) what you are putting your hope in is NOT “That God will make it better someday if I make it through this time”. What you hope in is HIM, himself! He is awesome and He is faithful and He will do what is right.

ending with a quote:
“Do not make an idol out of the things you want him to give to you and call that waiting on God.”



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2 responses to “Waiting and Hopin and thinkin and prayin..

  1. Hi Becca,

    I’m not sure if you remember me but I met you at a Park Street Cafe’ conference in New Hampshire (I think it was February 2010). In any case, I was on my friend Matt Olson’s facebook page and found my way on to your facebook page. Then I found my way to your blog (but I actually should be studying! lol).

    So I read your 9/11 entry and I thought that the most salient point was the paragraph that begins with: “Ladies: This blog could be about anything! It could be about the great commission or how to help babies in Nairobi.” Even though, I am clearly not the target audience of this paragraph, it reminds me of my all time favorite Bible verse and a theme in my life about not loving the world (1 John 2:15-17).

    I’m seriously considering a life of celibacy and it’s primarily because of the “distractions” that you talk about in the last sentence of said paragraph. I could elaborate much more on what I mean by “distractions” but this is just a simple comment.

    If you have a minute, please tell me what you think about my 9/11 entry (or my website in general). I haven’t been getting much feedback about my new website. The link is on my wall.

    Jim Burke

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