I received many cards.

1) Worlds most giant birthday card = olivia snell
2) Best scripture in a card: Jill warren
3) God-sent gift that I had asked him for: Becca Cragg’s tiny journal
4) Most german postcard = austin and cassie
5) Nicest ribbon = marlo brown
6) Best use of photos – tara craft
7) Most relevant card = Joanna!
8) Card from youngest baby = baby ben
9) Card with best handwriting = Alyssa drew
10) Card with the most wonderful panels and thickest envelope = esther brown
11) Funniest homemade card = roger and Claire dewey
12) Card from people ive missed for the longest = susan and garland solt
13) Most western postcard = my other parents barb and brad
14) Most musical homemade card = ed and marion
15) Most silly sound-giving card = chris and shiho
16) Longest letter = Kevin devalk!
17) Most glitter – jeff, patti and brian
18) postcard with the most antlers on it = stephy dunn
19) nicest card from someone who didn’t know it was my bday = peggy travis
20) heaviest card proportionate to its size and with the best inside artwork = Amanda liddie
21) most epic amazing sweet scrapbook card = dave molineo
22) most biblically correct card when speaking about the light of God: danny
23) prettiest card with the hardest to read signature – anna geffkin
24) card shaped most like a cupcake = sherrt and elie grunhaus
25) card with the most cows on it and that relates most to me = Rachael j.
26) most golden envelope = Emily howe
27) most nature in action on a card = Michele martindale
28) card that I know was most thoughtfully selected of all = papa.
29) Card that uses the most names for Becca = paul and kate stamos
30) Card most grammatically incorrect = emma (age 5)
31) Most informative letter = antidan
32) Most neat handwriting for a man, and most internationally focused letter = dave kelbe
33) most british postcard – nik Alexander (also cutest signature)
34) longest (horizontally) card with nicest poem = dave warren
35) best use of crayons = prisca Edwards
36) most heartfelt and sincere = Stephen
37) most sparkly fairy card and use of dear one = Jeanne yamanaco
38) furthest so far = Kenya = Courtney f.
39) most Canadian postcard from a friend in the UK = Vicky Griffiths
40) softest card, most peaceful = sarah durfey
41) funniest card (including the inside writing) val tracy
42) best most awesome envelope = MOM.
43) Cutest picture of a puppy = derrik
44) Card with best theology = Nezha
45) Most encouraging card (of my life) and hopefully most prophetic = Kelly steinhaus
46) Silliest postcard about the white house = steele, judy and mark
47) Most confusing mine the stoke reference, hilarious card and reminder that I miss rich = Richard.
48) Cutest ladybug inside a card = donna (I miss you!).
49) Most postcards = Pat Garrett
50) Coolest trivia on a postcard – pat garret
51) Card that made me miss Rochester the most = pat garrett
52) Card that makes me want to dance = bern and fam
53) card I had to turn the most to read = bern and fam
54) card with the scariest picture of a baby girl = bern and fam! Reminded me that others’ opinions don’t matter.
55) Card with the most sass = bern and fam
56) Most cards = 14 = patti and conrad
57) Best abe Lincoln quote = patti and Conrad
58) Best bum joke combined with polar bear = patti and Conrad
59) card that reminded me most that life’s a journeeeeeeeee = patti and conrad
60) most xoxoxoxo’s on a card = patti and Conrad
61) best Emily Dickenson quote= patti and Conrad
62) the best is yet to come – best intro card to a deluge of cards = patti and Conrad
63) card that made me happy to be alive = patti and Conrad
64) best use of my moms card: patti and Conrad
65) card that made me thankful for friends and smiles = patti and Conrad.
66) Card that reminded me to give more= patti and Conrad.
67) Best Helen keller quote: patti and Conrad .
68) Most twisty psychodelic card = patti and Conrad
69) When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice. – enough said = patti and Conrad
70) Best baseball cards that are actually about movies = hook
71) ELEPHANTYIST card with most loving roomie words = cindy
72.) Best card: Govind. IT SINGS AND IT IS A KITTEN MEOWING.
73.) most unicorns: tie between Laura and Becca 2. Laura’s was more magical, bec’s was more sticker-covered!
74.) prettiest bead covered card: auntsally. (those were beads right?)
75.) most confetti: Who are you!? you’re on chili riga road and i cant read your name anywhere!? is it courtney??
76.) Best excuse, cutest note: Jen Boland.
77.) pAckage! RAchael jarboe!
78.) sparkliest hearts and sweetest note: Malek.
79.) coolest stamps: Yao-Li Yuan
80.) Christine Ong: All i can say is i havent seen those little critters in YEARS and that was the cutest postcard on earth.
81.) fit most on a postcard: arricka nowland
82.) best color scheme: Gloria Read
83.) best proverb: Stef Tornow
84.) MOST EXCITING! Jen Norman. Made me laugh the most too.
85.) Most ironic letter: dave kraines
86.) SPOOKIEST postcard: Pat Garrett
87.) Most nostalgic – Will Cuthbert
88.) weirdest dude on the front, most relevant (beats even the other most relevant one) most encouraging card from a GUY friend: Matt Olson
89.) Card from someone i super miss and have been wondering about: and is it homemade? Regina Ram
90.) Package i keep missing from fed ex: Nagender (GOT IT. ITS AWESOME. best donut pendant necklace.).
91.) Latest and most informative letter: Ankica (UAE!).

I think there will be additions. Also stephen just took best male handwriting.

PATTI and Bern: You two rocked it-
Pat = thanks!
Special mention: Best use of the word crabcakes = oliva snell


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