Palestine. Love.

That is an update on Palestine and their bid for statehood. I am not even going to comment. Ok, I’ll say two things: 1.) I love Palestine but don’t think this is a good way to attempt statehood 2.) I am sad for the way this will portray America to the Arab world–we need to build bridges not create more walls—

Secondly, deep thoughts of the day:

1.) Wednesday morning: first ever tears of impatience. I’ve never experienced that before. Not anger or even upsetness, just really (sinful, really) lack of discipline in waiting on Him for a number of things that seem important to me (in friendships, policies, all kinds of things). I felt “be thankful” spoken to my heart and got an idea to keep a very very small journal on me at all times, bed, walking, work, eating…so that i can write everything i am thankful for inside.

I forgot to buy one.

That night i got a small envelope in the mail from Bec2, best friend growing up. She sent to me a small tiny journal, just the one i imagined that morning. God sent me a bday present.

2.) There is a reason that the first characteristic of love listed in Corinthians is “patient”.

3.) I was on a plane today writing in my tiny journal and i found myself honestly, not lying, grateful for the TIMING of God. This is not normal for me. My hand wrote it, my heart agreed and my soul was shocked.

Thank God for his timing today. First say it, then think about it. Think about NOT it. (scary).

4.) Last night I was taken for a special ride after being inspired by a friend’s show. Stephanie Snell drove Olivia home to East Boston do her HW, then me to my house at 11 PM to get my things (in JP) then back to East Boston to sleep over before my morning plane i had to catch. She set me up with blankets instead of doing the stuff she had to do (she also had to get to the airport in the AM). I felt SO loved. today she made me coffee and cereal so i’d be ready to go.

I was filled up to the brim by her love and hospitality. I want to be just like their family in the way they go way above and beyond. WAY. Recently they told me they might try to fit a family of 5 into their own 2 bedroom apartment. They could live live as a family of 3 in a 2 bed apt and invite a family of 5 to live there too so they’d have a place to be. Why not? They needed a place!

I could just feel my heart learning from her. It was amazing. I needed a hug like that this week and she just delivers Christ’s love every time i see them–thanks for being parents in Boston when i miss my own!



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