The Dad, Brother, King, Groom, Friend, Mother and Maker

Yesterday, I was lying around thinking “God, do I know who I am?”

And I do. First thing was: Daughter of the King. Second: Bride of Christ.

Then i stopped.

Jesus is a SON of God. And I am daughter…but part of the bride—weird. “He’s my brother, God! That’s so weird!” Then I realized the three-in-one also calls himself a mother (who would gather chicks under her wings), a friend, a kind master, a great employer, a party-thrower, a generous neighbor, a judge…a lover, a prince (of peace), a counselor..

So he uses every single human love relationship we can imagine (from Father, mother, groom, brother…) to show us how he feels about us. He knows we’ll never fully understand his love — even in Heaven–because it is infinite. So he helps us by using every single type of love we know to say “I love you every way I can and way more!”

It’s amazing.

And he is more fun, wise, wonderful than any person (even my earthly parents, who are WONDERFUL). He can take me places and show me things no one else can. I want to learn to love him the way he deserves and he is gentle and shows me day by day what that looks like.

One friend of mine gave me a good idea: At the end of every day, think about ways I trusted him that day and ways i showed i did not trust him during the day. Then talk to him about it and ask him to help me the following day. It’s really helpful. His love is unfathomable, but he has taken every chance and every opportunity to show it—

And most of those are not analogies…(except shepherd loving his sheep, since we’re not really sheep). He is not telling a parable–he really is our Father (we’re adopted), maker, brother, friend and lover—and he always will be forever.

We have a big wedding coming up in glory and we are the bride he’s been waiting tens of thousands of years for—as Kelsey would say, “We better get ready!”
And we are his children who can bring him even more joy than we realize. We better ask him what he likes and try to please our dad.
And we are his brothers and sisters because we’ve been adopted. Now he shares God’s gifts with us as heirs. What unspeakable love this all is.

To wrap up, clearly when i ask who I am it’s all wrapped up in Him. As always, it’s better to focus on worshiping him, taking eyes off of me, and praising til i fall asleep at the end of a long night–now to remember this (help me God!) and continue basing who I am on His perfection, royalty and love. No wonder John said “he must become greater, I must become less”. What joy my soul feels when I praise Him in relationship–not only for who he is, but for who he is to me, the most wandering and undeserving.


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