A good idea

A new strategy that is changing the way I communicate:

Taking advantage of emailing myself.

If i write an email at 11 PM, chances are I should not send it. In fact, most of these never end up getting sent at all. They shouldn’t ever be read. This is particularly true about interpersonal emails or stuff you just shouldn’t send but you had to write. Give it a night or two, re-read and delete or store.

Next, you can set up an email address as like a journal, or a prayer email—so you send it requests and praises and can look back later at all the things Jesus has answered. This. is. awesome. I used to write prayers but i’m better at typing, plus now i can log in and re-read what he has done for me!

Finally, i have a “label” in google called “I dont wanna forget this”. I email myself things and label them—they’re mostly silly stories that happened at work or at the manor that cant get blogged but are hilarious– or things I learn from Him that he didnt want me to share..

I just love emailing myself. Keeps me out of trouble.


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