I was wondering with my roomie why the Word says we ought to live quiet lives (1 Thessalonians). Didn’t wanna forget the research we did together.

MacArthur explains that…

In anticipation of the Lord’s return, believers are to lead peaceful lives, free of conflict and hostility toward others, which is a witness to the transforming power of the gospel. (MacArthur, John: 1 & 2 Thessalonians. Moody Press or Logos)

McGee has an interesting comment…

“That ye study to be quiet.” That is an interesting commandment for Christians. We have all kinds of schools today to teach people to speak. Every seminary has a public speaking class. Perhaps they should also have a class that would teach their students to be quiet. A lot of saints need such a course! A lady went to a “tongues meeting,” and the leader thought she was interested in speaking in tongues. He asked her, “Madam, would you like to speak in tongues?” She answered, “No, I would like to lose about forty feet off the one I have now!” We need to study to be quiet. That is a commandment. (McGee, J V: Thru the Bible Commentary: Thomas Nelson or Logos)

Guzik’s comment brings this verse home to where we live in America writing that…

The quiet life contradicts the hugely successful modern attraction to entertainment and excitement. This addiction to entertainment and excitement is damaging both spiritually and culturally. We might say that excitement and entertainment are like a religion for many people today.

· This religion has a god: The self.
· This religion has priests: Celebrities.
· This religion has a prophet: Music video channels.
· This religion has scriptures: Tabloids and entertainment news and information programs.
· This religion has places of worship: Amusement parks, theaters, concert halls, sports arenas; and we could say that ever television is a little chapel.

The religion of excitement and entertainment seduces people into living their lives for one thing – the thrill of the moment. But these thrills are quickly over and forgotten, and all that is important is the next fun thing. This religion conditions its followers to only ask one question: “Is it fun?” It never wants us to ask more important questions such as, “Is it true?” “Is it right?” “Is it good?” “Is it godly?”


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  1. jdmulloy

    One of the things that concerns me most about our modern american culture is the impact it is having on children. It drives me crazy when I see toddlers playing with iPads. From the moment they’re born today’s children are bombarded with blinking lights and shiny objects. No wonder so many children can’t sit still by the time they get to school. How can we expect them to pay attention to a teacher in front of a blackboard when all their lives they’ve been entertained by colorful screens. They’ve been over stimulated their entire lives and we expect them to pay attention to a lesson that offers almost nothing in terms of visual stimulation?

    Here is a youtube clip of a Baby who can use an iPad but not a Magazine. I find it infuriating.

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