Amy Carmichael

I read more now, which encourages me to write. While I don’t post about every book, some deserve special mention.

The biography of Amy Carmichael shows that a young woman can keep her way pure and walk in accordance with the truth her whole life if she does so through Christ. Only through Him.

There’s too much to say about her witness, attitude, humility and work. In short, God used her to sow seed and heal hearts throughout India. I was particularly impressed with her prayer life, satisfaction in Christ, and work ethic, and am inspired to spend myself on behalf of the oppressed even more than before. I hope to not be concerned for my own safety or health, for the Spirit will lead and guide and give me rest when needed. Seek first his Kingdom, love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul mind strength and love your neighbor as yourself. It never says anything about watching out for ourselves. That’s our Shepherd’s job.

And he does give me rest. Another beautiful weekend with the girls——If I could read my own biography, I hope this chapter would still be towards the front of the book, (when it’s all over someday) and would say,

“Becca found great joy during those days at the Lilac Manor, praying and singing, eating and giggling with the closest companions she’d ever had…she knew that this would not last forever, but took advantage of the time to grow, serve and learn about Jesus—something that would be needed desperately in the work to come. Days spent apple picking, baking and relaxing with friends added memories to a reserve that Becca would draw from later during difficult times–and with such deep bonds, she knew these women would pray for her always. Though Becca knew her days in Boston were numbered, she attempted to live inside of each day, planting a church, working hard at her profession, writing music, building relationships, training for ministry, and deepening her prayer life.” Oh, to have that all be true! That’s how Amy’s biography was written—and I want to live that kind of life.

I do feel that knowing Him closely and listening to His voice, clinging to him and discovering the intimacy he offers is my call–and I am not sure that it’s for “this season”. I think this is my eternal call—and what a wonderful call it is!

When Jesus calls us to come away with Him to a secret place and learn from Him, He is faithful to teach us and make us into people who can change the world (like Amy Carmichael). But He appears more interested in just knowing us and being known by us than he is in using us.

If you pray for me, pray for an undivided heart that obeys Him daily because of overflowing love (not just discipline/devotion). Pray I would abide in Him, learn to rest and hope in Him, preparing for the future but living as Jim Eliot said: “Wherever you are, be all there”.


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  1. Dad

    You have been so prolific of late and me so busy. Enjoy the Lilac Manor season. It sounds like an extended gift of ‘Barbara Angels’ love from our all knowing Father. Very blessed to hear the good reports. Miss you.

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