I need some prayer

Hi everybody.

Just wanted to update you on life this month-and can I ask for urgent prayer?


As some of you know, I have been working at a non-profit in Boston, learning new things and making mistakes, meeting cool people and praying a LOT. We’ve had recent success and it appears strongholds in our nations’ media are falling apart. Praise God.

This month will be a difficult time, but hopefully significant and joy-filled all the way.

Tuesday morning early, my boss and I will head to Washington D.C. for an emergency hearing on an important man who is under house arrest in China–we have information on him that we will share, and will be asking leaders to act on his behalf. For this hearing, I need to write a speech, a longer written testimony for the Congressional Record, and a press release. I plan to call all the media I know, inviting them to please cover the event, and I need to pack/make sure we have everything for each day before we leave Tuesday. (Lots of articles, technology, books, papers to bring to these things and I’m the only one going besides CL). I love multitasking, but I feel like the amount we need to do is almost impossible.

Wednesday is a second hearing. This doesn’t usually happen. Usually there is one hearing per month or two. This one is about a bill we are trying to get passed. We’ve never done this kind of advocacy before, so it’s particularly difficult. I am writing the testimony for this, editing a statement, and trying to get media there. Looks like a few media outlets want to see CL at their studios, and we may try to meet the State Dept and a few congressmen before and after the hearing.

I’m including this stuff so you know why I need prayer! But if it’s too detailed, let me know for next time.

Thursday is a third hearing. This has never happened before on this issue. I’ll write the speech and try to get media to come and for all of these, I’ll also create an FAQ for CL to read from in case she gets hard questions.

It’s just my boss and I going, and I am the one in charge of logistics and making sure we get to our hotel/meetings/flights etc..on time. Terrifying if not for the Comforter and Helper.

We fly back and leave 1-2 days later for a press conference in NYC particularly for Chinese media. Here’s where I’m really out of touch with how to proceed, and hopefully I can breathe and rely on our Chinese speaking director to just help wherever needed. The next day is the Glamour Magazine Women of the Year Awards (red carpet event, last year was Julia Roberts, Fergie, Queen Rania..http://www.glamour.com/women-of-the-year). I have never done something like this, and I don’t know what to wear! Oh gosh.

Immediately after the event, we will sleep and wake up to head to Rome. We have a meeting with the Pope! (as I write this, it sounds like an April Fools posting). If he is ready to meet privately with us, we will skip the Glamour event and just get to Italy for our meeting. If it’s a private meeting with about 20 other people, we may just stay in NY for the event. Not sure yet. Wish I knew what was going to happen so I knew how to plan, but this is how we roll sometimes!

The next day, we will meet key leaders and speak at a conference about democracy. I am writing the speech that will be delivered, as well as the speech for the book launch party with world leaders, and the speech for the European Parliament (President and VP present), and the speech for the EU delegation from Brussels coming down to meet us. I need to write press releases and try to get European media to cover our events, but I’ve never met any European media and do not know how I can possibly do all of this in time.

After a few days of these meetings, we will go home.


Some of you know that I am a learner still at my job, and that I have limited experience in public relations, but that God has been working through our inexperienced team since day one because he wants to see our mission completed on earth for the glory of HIS Son and the coming of HIS Kingdom. It was hard to know how much to share because it could sound boastful. But really, if you watch us work, and with my inexperience in particular, you can see that it’s all a miracle what He has done and does through people who are empty inside. Pray for emptiness, that he would increase and I would decrease! When my heart is overwhelmed, he always comforts me. So he gives us more grace. I write not to overwhelm you or in arrogance, but knowing who I am and what will happen if God does not move. The Word says, “Bear one another’s burdens” and I am hoping some of you can pray for me.

I feel I’ve just now been learning to be still and know that He is God, and as I write, I’ve cranked the heat in my bedroom, set aside lots of time to do nothing, and am lying here considering how amazing He is. I wish I had a little more time to chill/rest/take it all in. It’s so nice knowing he doesn’t need us and we don’t have to run around all the time. But this season coming up feels very God-inspired and we’ve prayed about each thing and felt led to go. A very godly man prays daily with CL that “we would have a chance to speak”. I joked and told her “ok you can tell him to stop now!”

There’s no real fear about the next few weeks–just a desire to take it a day at a time with true humility, rely on/cling to Him like I never have before— and hold on tight. It’s going to be a wild ride.

Specific prayers needed:
for strength and health–don’t plan on getting much rest
for good communication: so i can write whatever CL is really wanting to say
to not move too fast and forget details: there is too much going on to do this one without help supernaturally.
for love and patience: one heart as I deal with my own personal decisions and choices outside of work
for relationships with friends, that I would balance time with Him, work and friendships correctly

in other words, just pray I’m led by the Spirit and keep in step with the spirit :).

Please email me if you’re interested in reading only one of the speeches I’m writing. It will give you a good understanding of what CL will testify about. I cried at my desk writing it yesterday. It’s too sad to put here. And email me prayer requests for you. I will have time to pray on planes and trains and walking places, and it’s good to peel my eyes off things and put them on Christ and the needs of others.


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