Faith like a little child

The Gospel is crystal clear on some things, and one of them is the need to believe like a little child believes. Have faith that is unending, despite logic or intellect.

Some might feel that the more they live, the harder it is to believe in this way, and “it’s not my fault but my mind has already been taught, learned, seen too much to have that sort of naive faith again”. But i argue that a.) Jesus isn’t asking for naivety, and b.) the more I live, the easier it is becoming to believe like this. If your lifestyle is one where you constantly have to do the impossible, hope for the best amidst difficulty, and pray like you’ve never prayed that God will help you (and he does!) — then it’s conducive to a heart that builds up faith in Him. If you live life in a more comfortable way, and pray now and then for things you’d like, but don’t see many answers, and read books and speak to people that waver your faith, well, you may continue to pedal backwards in the faith part of your walk with Him. And the faith part is of utmost importance.



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2 responses to “Faith like a little child

  1. Dad

    I love you and love your posts here. We modern, well-off American Christians fall so short on faith and see so much less than God would have in our day as a result. I used to marvel at the Brother Andrews of my generation, or even less famous friend/missionaries like Peggy Blevins, who would seem to operate at a higher level of faith and dependence on God than normal Christians like me and my church mates. Now, I understand the truth is, as you wrote, that such faith is essential for a loving, fruitful life in God. How wonderful that He accomplishes this in us as we look to Him!

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