Satisfied as an understatement.

1 Chronicles says to “give thanks to the LORD, for He is good!” Why? “For His mercy endures forever.”

This year’s list:

1.) Father Son Holy Spirit. His patience in particular. His lovingkindness. His faithfulness and magnificent plans. His righteousness and generosity. His gentleness and strength.

2.) Family. They are wonderful. Things are so different the older we get. Noah, Micah, Caleb..Hannah, Mom, Dad, Sar, Milt, Jon, miniMiltnSar…Papa

3.) Fen-Fam. Would be lost in Boston without them. In particular – the girls. You know who you are.

4.) Heaven. Knowing about God’s kingdom changes everything. Hope changes everything.

5.) My job. Lots of people don’t have jobs. So blessed.

6.) Lilac Manor. It’s become even more a hotspot of fellowship and place of prayer than i imagined.

7.) Music. Prayer. Joy. Learning. Books. The Word. Peace.

8.) Friends.

9.) Travel. Sun.

10.) Ice Cream.

11.) Freedom.

Couldn’t we sing praises about God’s character for eternity? Won’t we? When we look at Him and not at us, everything gets really simple and more clear – I guess my prayer this year is that it would be a year of thankfulness and focus on Him..that I’d be locked in, in real pursuit, like I’ve not experienced before.

From a book by Calkin:

Lord, I’m so discouraged.
Again and again I’ve struggled
To get hold of myself
But i simply can’t do it

Weary child
Your center is wrong.
The secret is—
Get hold of me



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2 responses to “Satisfied as an understatement.

  1. Nancy Cook

    Thank you Becca-that was wonderful! God bless you, today and always. Nancy

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