I met a homeless man named Jimmy
about a year and a half ago
we had extra cupcakes after a picnic
so we stopped for a minute
to give them to him

Jimmy wasn’t like the other folks
cynically sitting around cutting us off when we spoke
He was gentle and kind and desperate
And wanted to step away from the group
and tell us something

so we shuffled over to the other bench.

“Ok, today I want to pray and stop drinkin..
all those christians always tryin to convert me and i say no
but today i want to be christian
i just spent my last dollar on this whiskey
but i want to stop drinkin RIGHT NOW.”

I did not believe him, really.
“Jimmy, what are you trying to pull?
Seriously? Why today? Do you know who Jesus is?”

“I know who he is! i want my life changed!”
“ok then let’s just pray now, jimmy,” i said
but barely believed myself that he was serious.

He gave that whiskey away afterwards
We gave him Fanta. Orange Fanta.
He drank it gratefully.

After that, we spoke on the phone a few times.
“Becca! I still haven’t drank!”
“Really?! That is awesome. You ok?”
“I’m great!”

Few weeks later Jimmy called.
Job interview. Landed it.

Few months later Jimmy called to check in.
Doing great. Sounded happy.

1 year later, maybe year and a half
Jimmy called last week before thanksgiving
“Remember me!? It’s Jimmy!
I’ve been at my job a whole year now. Just wanted to say thanks”.

I told him my friend dave who was with us is married now
and that i’m doing great
He sounded ecstatic.
“I pray every day! I live alone so i dont go back to drinkin”.

I had to stop and realize that our God changes lives
All around us he is changing lives
Today he changed many lives
sometimes we get to see the seeds we planted grow
sometimes we don’t get to see it

But God is always working
whether we believe or not
Whoever you are, Christians who “always tried to convert Jimmy”
you should know that he is sober, working, in an apartment and happy to be alive.
Maybe we can all meet in Heaven for a meal together.


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  1. How often is it that we find ourselves having faith that prayer for ourselves will work to change our hearts or how we feel about things. Yet balk at believing that prayer for somebody else could do the same? Sometimes finding and pointing out these inconsistencies can be part of growing ever closer to the Lord and growing in faith.

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