Toasty November

Lots has happened here – from world travels to life decisions — but the Father is teaching me about resting, waiting and abiding. Very pleasant to learn these things in the peaceful darkness of a Boston November and the soft glow of our upstairs room. This particular winter has been quite warm — and I head to the Back To Jerusalem/Call2All Conference this weekend in LA so that will be toasty too. It’s beginning to feel nothing like Christmas. :).

Also I discovered a new song today while I was putting my laundry away. “God Alone” by Will Reagan (Psalm 62)…it’s wonderful. How true that our salvation comes from him — our soul finds rest in Him.

Today I am thankful for people
who are constantly serving
as both Christ’s hands and feet
and as an example to me

All over the place I find churches or ministries
that are growing, reaching
all the hurting and broken that I can’t reach
But God sees

He is spreading his own Gospel all over the planet
Through the weirdest, funniest people
I mean, he chose me, my roommates..
we’re pretty weird

I guess I am not thankful for people after all
More like thankful for God
for taking the foolish and weak things of the world
and using them to shame the strong and wise
and more importantly, to help orphans, widows and lost kids come home

its an upsidedown, wonderful kingdom
and i will live in it forever, someday fully.
that day can not come soon enough
but until then, i will thank Him for reaching me
through a funny sunday school teacher
and reaching my roommate through a family in germany
and reaching my closest friend through His own word
and reaching my dad through an author he doesnt even like anymore
and reaching my boss through a congressional hearing
and rescuing each person in a different way.

You’ve been very busy.


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  1. I enjoyed reading your post. Keep being you and remember to celebrate people wherever you go. I am a bigger believer in Birthdays than I have ever been. I celebrate that He rescued you and has put courage in you to change the world! 🙂

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