Finished another book

I finished another book.  This one was called “Chasing the Dragon“.  Yes, I just linked to a wiki article about heroine and not the book itself, which is found here.

I’ve been writing when I finish books, but this one required a lot of thought first.

Jackie left on a slow boat to China (literally) when she was young and single. She wanted to tell everybody about Jesus. And as she ministered in possibly the worst slum on earth, she learned a lot about Jesus and his Holy Spirit.

When she began to pray in another language for 15 minutes a day on her own time, she noticed a change in the number of kids and poor women she was able to help.  Also..when teens wanted to come off heroine, they would pray in the Holy Spirit (even if they had not even understood the whole Bible yet) and they would be set free from any pain during withdrawl.

It was amazing to read stories of lives that were transformed and STAYED transformed.  I learned a lot from her mistakes and triumphs in Jesus. I recommend it to anybody who wants to see miracles and know Jesus more, but i recommend going in with an open heart if you’re not used to this stuff — I do not yet pray in tongues, but i’d like to after reading her story—and i find that people who tell me to slow down and be more careful and stick to the straight and narrow didn’t see thousands of addicts leading their gangs to Jesus.


As usual in biographies I read, the heroine did not really sleep.  Fascinating.  Still praying for balance and all with that one.


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  1. Dad

    I enjoy the echo of your pastor’s good advice you found in his book. David’s comment you mentioned in a blogpost or three back about needing to stay near Jesus to hear His direction leading to the people He wants to heal and to bring His life/love as the only way to have anything to offer the homeless hurting you meet is so completely consistent with this woman’s experience of prayer in the Holy Spirit.

    My only goal is becoming to know Him in his death and resurrection. My best plans are folly beside His finished work.

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