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Where I’ve been

Uhm, I’ve not blogged in a long, long time.

Got a boyfriend around Valentine’s Day.  We were engaged less than a month later.

The whole thing has been wonderful, but surreal.  I know when you get asked “You’re engaged!  What’s it LIKE!?” the answer shouldn’t be “weird!” But it has been!  and WONDERFUL.  I’m marrying my friend, who happens to be the most wonderful man on earth.  And I get to plan a wedding and wear an awesome dress!  I didn’t even think about that til we were engaged.  And that involved a limo and mountains!  I can’t believe any of this!


A more full update is forthcoming.  It involves me moving to the Middle East for the summer before i get married.  But for now, hold on to your hats, check facebook for photos and pray for my parents!


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