Yesterday I had a really nice day.

It started poorly.  Eating out in Beirut is a gamble, as we don’treally know who washes veggies/fruit and with what.  I was sick, and it was a weekend.  I was also alone, as one of my two friends here at AUB was going home, and my fiance, who I want to see every minute, was thousands of miles away.  The two of us finally chose our honeymoon destination (with a groupon of course.. you know me, even lasik eye surgery happened via groupon) and I just longed to be home helping with wedding stuff.

side note: In case anyone is thinking “uh yea! what are you doing in the country next to Syria while Matt plans the wedding?!”  … hakuna matata..we both know what we were getting into. It’s bee  really clear to me that this place is right where God wants me this summer.  There’s been so many reasons already and we’re not 1/2 way through the 8 weeks yet (that ‘not 1/2way part’ was hard to type).  Coming here under any other terms or dreams would have been foolish and I would be on the next flight home.  Again, one student already left.

So the day started badly with sickness.  I have been praying often for thankfulness.  I need it, badly.  Yesterday, God just really answered these petitions. 

By the afternoon, I was totally overwhelmed by his goodness towards me, like never before.  Sunday morning, I had a great time at church and we prayed (everything is in arabic) for all of the domestic workers (almost like slaves, mostly african and south asian) in Lebanon — people who are on my heart already.  Then we grabbed lunch and as i walked home, I saw this florist shop near AUB.  In it was the owner, a very old man who used to act in Egyptian movies (and some Lebanese or American ones). 

I went in, having seen him in a documentary…and we talked, in Arabic, for almost an hr!  Both of us were smiling from ear to ear and unable to stop being happy at each other’s company and I want to just visit constantly. We talked about everything from how far he used to swim, to the heat wave in the US to him being in a movie with Charlie Chaplin’s daughter to our religion…all in Arabic.  Was I happy when I left, on cloud 110?  YES.  Did he give me chocolate to take with me and tell me to please visit him soon? YES.

So i got increasingly happy as I walked.  And when i got to my dorm I decided to worship Jesus alone on my bed with music from youtube.  So i listened to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G71NZ1h9xi8&feature=related this i think.  And God’s spirit spoke clearly to me, which doesn’t happen daily…

“you’re so excited for your honeymoon and for seeing Matt’s face again.  But someday, you will see my face.  And you will love me as you’ve wanted to love me, but more—and you will be in heaven with me — which is (get this, friends!) all inclusive.”

All the food and drinks are included.  A place in a mansion is being prepared.  All the pain-free, dying-free, tear-free times in the bright as the sun presence of our God…it’s all free, forever.  Cause of Jesus!  He made it all free!  There’s a river there, streets of gold — but honestly, that’s not the best part.  Our lover is there.  The one who is more wonderful than Matt.  The one who has loved me since before I was born and has watched me and cared for me my whole life — who never sins or disappoints or messes up but always loves and gives more and more — he will be there.  Forever. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Still excited for our groupon getaway to the Caribbean.  And every day I am more thankful to have Mattt and more in love — But now I’m finally more excited for heaven — which is what I’ve prayed for. It’s hard to be unthankful in these few years on earth when we have a clear idea of what he’s done and where he is taking us someday.  Bring your kingdom here, God!  We want more of you and need more of you here.  We love you.


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  1. Becca, thank you for sharing your epiphany, so inspiring! I love what God is establishing in your heart. And a prayer we should all be praying, our longing for Jesus, our Bridegroom. God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or imagine. And how cool that He brought you right in the path of the elderly florist! Really Becca, how many of us watch Egyptian and or Lebanese movies??? Then, you happen to be walking the streets of Beirut, only to recognize the old man. Wow!!! Thank you for posting and giving us the opportunity to pray for you.

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