Important Years

Well well.

2012 shaped up to be the most important year of my life thus far.  In 2012 I began dating Matt Olson, got engaged, had my first kiss and married my love.   I traveled to Beirut to finally intensively study Arabic, and I became an aunt for the first time.

2013 looks to be the last year of our lives here in America.   God willing, we will move to the Arab Peninsula in September 2013 to study Arabic for 2 years, and hopefully work with a small non-profit serving refugee populations and the poor in the Middle East.

Looking forward, I can imagine that somewhere between now and 2020 I will say “this is another important year” — the year we have our first baby..not sure when yet, but I’m realizing that these late 20’s, early 30’s are key years in determining the rest of our lives.  There are some decisions that are important but can be changed (major in college, occupation, etc.) and others that are more permanent (marriage, children, even language learning)…

Because of this, I think I’ll scale back on the resolutions this year, and instead do two things:

1.) Thank the Lord for his miraculous provision in 2012

2.) Draw near to Him as I make new decisions in 2013 that will impact my life, and the lives of family, friends and others around me.  Our decisions we make now, 20 and 30 somethings (and older and younger people too, i know!) are important and shouldn’t be taken lightly!!!  And I mean things like daily decisions: what to remind myself of in the morning as I lie in bed, and what to think about and do when given a few days sick at home.  God, help me make good choices in time management, family planning, money, and ministry this year.





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