About my work

In the States: 

Working part-time for www.Fenwaychurch.org, part-time on Arabic study, and part time for a new non-profit working in the hardest places (www.truesojourners.org).  Oh and I work part-time as an English teacher in Fenway, MA.

Got married in September 2012 to the greatest man on earth.

Just wrapped up two amazing years at a Boston-based non-profit that helps baby girls around the planet 🙂 . Fun.  We were, and they still are, trying to end gendercide through innovative on-the-ground programs.  www.allgirlsallowed.org.

I worked for http://www.TechMission.org (go to http://www.urbanministry.org/staff or http://urbanministry.org/videos/cornerstone-television-network-interviews-techmission-staff-about-christianvolunteeringorg-0 to see what i get to do!).

I’ve also worked for JetBlue through RepNation as a brand ambassador (marketing position).  www.repnation.com. and at NimbleUser.com (then VanDamme Associates).

I’ve had a few published articles in local newspapers (Democrat and Chronicle), magazines (University News, “Learning through Community”), biweekly newsletters (News and Events) and other random places (the Insider). Bigger publications i’ve made it into so far include AdWeek and Associations Now, Wall Street Journal, Fox News, Huffington Post, and Washington Times.

Overseas Work:

Croatia: Played music at a church.

West Bank: Ramallah: Home of New Life Children’s Home (hnlife.org)  taught guitar and piano and english, helped organize stuff, care for the boys.

Bethlehem: House of Hope Home for the Blind and Mentally Disabled (houseofhopemd.org) (worked on web content and taking care of the children.)


Nairobi/Mwiki: familyfocus.wordpress.com (Helped Henry begin the program which involved planting a field sustained by churches/guardians, providing loans for soapmaking for local institutions and jewelry making for online sales, saturday educational program and self help group and twice weekly feeding program. Made the website-you ought to check it out!)

Nairobi/Embakasi: Helped a church transform a sanctuary into a small school during the week…we built desks/partitions to divide classes, purchased supplies through generous donations and reached out to the community to begin school in May 2008.  The website (created in wordpress) has a donate now button–we’re currently raising funds to build a wall so the water from the river (of trash) doesnt reach the school walls.  familyfocusschool.wordpress.com.

Nairobi/Rongai: Africa Nazarene University:  I lived at ANU (African Nazarene University) from January to late April 2008, working as a teacher for pastors and laypeople (computer basics courses) and as a web content editor and writer.  http://www.anu.ac.ke.

Nairobi Chamber Chorus:  My dear friends help run the Chamber Chorus and I helped them build a site, soon to be hosted by VanDamme.  I took photos and arranged content–it’s not finished but is coming along.  http://www.nairobichamberchorus.wordpress.com.

Kijabe: kenyakidscan.com –wrote documentation and redesigned website.


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  1. Joe

    Ooohh, read this part of website… gotcha. I understand now 🙂

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