About Me

I’m Becca.

I’m writing this from Beirut, Lebanon, but as of August 10th, I will be back in Boston’s Fenway neighborhood, focusing on wedding planning, non-profit communications, volunteering for our church and working on some quality assurance to help pay the rent.  Oh, and the wedding planning is for ME and Matt!  See: http://Olson-Nelson.ourwedding.com.

I recently finished working in Boston at a non-profit that helps girls in the third world. I was managing the newsletters, websites and media opportnities as Director of Communications.

Before that, I finished a year as an Americorps member living in Boston (Dorchester).  This was my job.  I’m also a graduate of RIT (MS in media communication and teaching technologies)  a daughter, a friend, a best friend, an employee, a musician, a traveler, a volunteer, a sister of six, a follower of Christ, a granddaughter, a couchsurfer, a 20 something year old, a starter, a writer. I’ll be adding to the list as I learn more about who I am and what should be on my about me page.  I go to Church at www.fenwaychurch.org and was at www.parkstreet.org. but decided to stick to one–love both these families.

Strange loves/addictions: (Addictions receive an asterisk***.)

ice cream*, techno music while running, watching sloths at the zoo, coffee*, swimming too far, great surprises, pineapple, spinning around to try to stand the longest, swinging..

Strange things i’ve done:

eaten: snail.  shark.  sugar cane juice.  more to come when i remember it (i block these things out.)

rafted: the nile.  got flipped out.

swam in: the adriatic sea, the indian ocean, the nile, lake ontario (AHH), the mediterranean (ok i waded.) the dead sea (ok, i floated.), the arabian gulf.

seen: baboons picking stuff off each others tummies and eating it, the Sinai Desert, war up close, people who don’t have clean water but have to drink anyway, the Burj al Arab.

traveled to: all over Canada and the USA, from Prince Edward Island to New Orleans, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia, Italy, France, England, Ukraine (last three are airports) Tanzania (and Zanzibar), Kenya, Uganda, India, UAE, Oman…fav cities: Dubrovnik and Jerusalem.

More later.


5 responses to “About Me

  1. Hi Becca,
    What a great little website you have here! Getting ready to go back to Israel in a couple of weeks, and remembering your incredible enthusiasm. Our bus just wasn’t the same when you left. Lifting you before the everlasting Father, Jehovah Rophe, for speedy and complete healing. Wait on Him, He will be glorified! Shalom!

  2. Yup. Things are definitely looking up, IT-wise, that is. I took a brief gander at the website you set up for ANU, and it is very complete. The little thingamajiggy where you type in the URL changes initials (A…N…U…) every few seconds, and that is very kewl.

    Now, a small suggestion regarding the pictures you publish: Will we ever see a picture of Becca in which your whole face is visible? Hmmm? There are half-face shots, quarter-face pix, no face pix, blurry partial face shots (as in your gmail pix), and pix like the one at the head of this page. me wanna see Becca!

  3. Tina

    Dear Becca,

    you visited Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia, Italy and one of your fav cities is Dubrovnik. Have you ever been to Croatia? 😉 You know, Dubrovnik is situated in Croatia. 😉 lol

    Your proud Croatian friend :)))



  4. Jenn Nichols

    Hey Becca-
    I saw the article about your work in today’s “RIT News & Events!” Your work sounds amazing and it was great to see what you have been up to.
    Keep it up-
    (Buyer Behavior group)

  5. Thought I stop by and send you some love and **tea** ❤

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