Capstone Project

The scoop .

Here it is, my capstone proposal.  If you don’t feel like reading the document above, please watch the video below:

sweet video.

I got to write a handbook on “how to open a computer center that is solar powered” in africa.

Capstone RN May 09 !


3 responses to “Capstone Project

  1. Hi Becca, this is very interesting! How much do you know about solar engineering? Do you have to know much about things solar in order to make this project feasible? Given the poverty and the unrest (last year’s uprising) in Kenya and in much of Africa, it is unfortunate that any success can be destroyed so easily.

    I am going to give you the email of Jeff Gilbertson, a former YWAM missionary, who plans on going to Africa in a few months to give himself (along with a few other mature souls) to the idea of helping Africans increase their wealth by using only what’s at hand in creative ways:

    I think you and he could benefit by a mutual discussion.
    Also, here’s his blog:

    If you’d like, get back to me after reading his stuff and/or emailing him. I’d love to have a chance to “download” your thinking further.

    Peace and grace!

  2. hi amazing gift!! you rock!!! Godbless yah we there2support you in any way
    be blessed again

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