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Toasty November

Lots has happened here – from world travels to life decisions — but the Father is teaching me about resting, waiting and abiding. Very pleasant to learn these things in the peaceful darkness of a Boston November and the soft glow of our upstairs room. This particular winter has been quite warm — and I head to the Back To Jerusalem/Call2All Conference this weekend in LA so that will be toasty too. It’s beginning to feel nothing like Christmas. :).

Also I discovered a new song today while I was putting my laundry away. “God Alone” by Will Reagan (Psalm 62)…it’s wonderful. How true that our salvation comes from him — our soul finds rest in Him.

Today I am thankful for people
who are constantly serving
as both Christ’s hands and feet
and as an example to me

All over the place I find churches or ministries
that are growing, reaching
all the hurting and broken that I can’t reach
But God sees

He is spreading his own Gospel all over the planet
Through the weirdest, funniest people
I mean, he chose me, my roommates..
we’re pretty weird

I guess I am not thankful for people after all
More like thankful for God
for taking the foolish and weak things of the world
and using them to shame the strong and wise
and more importantly, to help orphans, widows and lost kids come home

its an upsidedown, wonderful kingdom
and i will live in it forever, someday fully.
that day can not come soon enough
but until then, i will thank Him for reaching me
through a funny sunday school teacher
and reaching my roommate through a family in germany
and reaching my closest friend through His own word
and reaching my dad through an author he doesnt even like anymore
and reaching my boss through a congressional hearing
and rescuing each person in a different way.

You’ve been very busy.


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Never have I ever

Never have I ever:

Written a message so many times without ever sending the email.

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I met a homeless man named Jimmy
about a year and a half ago
we had extra cupcakes after a picnic
so we stopped for a minute
to give them to him

Jimmy wasn’t like the other folks
cynically sitting around cutting us off when we spoke
He was gentle and kind and desperate
And wanted to step away from the group
and tell us something

so we shuffled over to the other bench.

“Ok, today I want to pray and stop drinkin..
all those christians always tryin to convert me and i say no
but today i want to be christian
i just spent my last dollar on this whiskey
but i want to stop drinkin RIGHT NOW.”

I did not believe him, really.
“Jimmy, what are you trying to pull?
Seriously? Why today? Do you know who Jesus is?”

“I know who he is! i want my life changed!”
“ok then let’s just pray now, jimmy,” i said
but barely believed myself that he was serious.

He gave that whiskey away afterwards
We gave him Fanta. Orange Fanta.
He drank it gratefully.

After that, we spoke on the phone a few times.
“Becca! I still haven’t drank!”
“Really?! That is awesome. You ok?”
“I’m great!”

Few weeks later Jimmy called.
Job interview. Landed it.

Few months later Jimmy called to check in.
Doing great. Sounded happy.

1 year later, maybe year and a half
Jimmy called last week before thanksgiving
“Remember me!? It’s Jimmy!
I’ve been at my job a whole year now. Just wanted to say thanks”.

I told him my friend dave who was with us is married now
and that i’m doing great
He sounded ecstatic.
“I pray every day! I live alone so i dont go back to drinkin”.

I had to stop and realize that our God changes lives
All around us he is changing lives
Today he changed many lives
sometimes we get to see the seeds we planted grow
sometimes we don’t get to see it

But God is always working
whether we believe or not
Whoever you are, Christians who “always tried to convert Jimmy”
you should know that he is sober, working, in an apartment and happy to be alive.
Maybe we can all meet in Heaven for a meal together.

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Keep me in you every moment

Sometimes I waste whole days wondering about things
Other days I hurt others through my determination to use every second.
I say I’m doing it for you, and yet..
You live outside of time.

Thoughts are especially tricky
Sometimes I end up down a long, winding road of thought
Before I even know I left my prayers behind.

When my mind wanders off
and my heart follows suit
When I search for things you never asked me to find

Its all about you–but i need reminding
the truth is there after a good song, a quiet time
If i could just remember why I’m still alive
We could keep my heart in line.




this wandering heart of mine?

You’re the only One who can help me leave alone
All that needs to be left alone
And you do.

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Revolutions and a Revelation on Black Friday

Today’s headlines are highly disturbing particularly in comparison with US news:
Yemenis stage rival Sanaa rallies amid violence
AFP – ‎48 minutes ago‎
SANAA – Opponents and supporters of Ali Abdullah Saleh held rival rallies in the Yemeni capital Friday after pre-dawn fighting between rival security forces dashed hopes an exit deal for the president would end the violence.

AP AP Nov. 24: Pro-Syrian regime protesters shout slogans as one holds a mock coffin with Arabic words reading: ‘The Syrian people announce to you the death of the Arab League,’ during a protest against the Arab League meeting, in Damascus, Syria.

Hamas: Israeli threats won’t stop unity gov’t
Jerusalem Post – ‎1 hour ago‎
By JPOST.COM STAFF Likud MK: I will petition international community to isolate Palestinian unity gov’t including Hamas. Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal responded to discontent in Jerusalem surrounding a united Palestinian government with Hamas and Fatah …

RABAT, Morocco (AP) — Moroccans voted for a new parliament Friday in Arab Spring-inspired elections that are facing a boycott by democracy campaigners who say the ruling monarchy isn’t committed to real change.

New York Times – ‎28 minutes ago‎
CAIRO – The White House on Friday threw its weight behind Egypt’s resurgent protest movement, urging for the first time the handover of power by the interim military rulers in the Obama administration’s most public effort yet to …

As kings step down and parties compete, as leaders emerge and people are killed, what is going on in our nation?

top headline:

Woman pepper-sprayed adults, kids at Wal-Mart sale, police say
Los Angeles Times – ‎10 minutes ago‎
Authorities are searching for a woman accused of pepper-spraying other shoppers Thursday night at the Wal-Mart in Porter Ranch so that she could grab more discounted merchandise. — Can’t make this stuff up.

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A poem

Oh Lord, for many months I prayed to be filled with your Holy Spirit that I might have more of Jesus. But slowly you are teaching me that to be filled with the Holy Spirit means Jesus has all of me. – Calkin

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Satisfied as an understatement.

1 Chronicles says to “give thanks to the LORD, for He is good!” Why? “For His mercy endures forever.”

This year’s list:

1.) Father Son Holy Spirit. His patience in particular. His lovingkindness. His faithfulness and magnificent plans. His righteousness and generosity. His gentleness and strength.

2.) Family. They are wonderful. Things are so different the older we get. Noah, Micah, Caleb..Hannah, Mom, Dad, Sar, Milt, Jon, miniMiltnSar…Papa

3.) Fen-Fam. Would be lost in Boston without them. In particular – the girls. You know who you are.

4.) Heaven. Knowing about God’s kingdom changes everything. Hope changes everything.

5.) My job. Lots of people don’t have jobs. So blessed.

6.) Lilac Manor. It’s become even more a hotspot of fellowship and place of prayer than i imagined.

7.) Music. Prayer. Joy. Learning. Books. The Word. Peace.

8.) Friends.

9.) Travel. Sun.

10.) Ice Cream.

11.) Freedom.

Couldn’t we sing praises about God’s character for eternity? Won’t we? When we look at Him and not at us, everything gets really simple and more clear – I guess my prayer this year is that it would be a year of thankfulness and focus on Him..that I’d be locked in, in real pursuit, like I’ve not experienced before.

From a book by Calkin:

Lord, I’m so discouraged.
Again and again I’ve struggled
To get hold of myself
But i simply can’t do it

Weary child
Your center is wrong.
The secret is—
Get hold of me


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