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this week’s theme has been: 

a.) scrambled eggs.

b.) couch.

c.) wedding invitations for every weekend this summer (almost).

d.) check email.

e.) research/write/research/write/research/cite/watchoffice/research/email

f.) drink grapefruit soda

g.) worry my voice is not ok.

h.) wonder when people will get to hear my new voicemail.

i.) chat with people who have lives.

j.) not leave my house for anything.

h.) think about cleaning my room.

i.) watch hannah dance around about arthur coming on.

therefore this is not summer. it is “lie on the couch silently, work hard and go to other peoples weddings…” uh, season.

😦  i need to stop posting about my life until it is worth reading.



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bad news day

First bad news today:

Word Count: 2,700 (needed 5000)


You dad needs to complete a new Tuition waiver form with HR to get the benefit for the summer quarter.  Once this is completed, you will owe $2560.00.


Pain after surgery is not severe, and rarely requires more than over the counter pain relievers. Complications include temporary numbness or tingling of the tongue, and damage to teeth, especially if there are crowns or if the teeth are in poor condition to begin with. The most challenging complication is vocal fold scar.

Good news of the day:

I am in school and working and able to access medical care.  God blesses me and reminds me the hard way sometimes.

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i have no idea why i can’t get “lets make the rudder out of my guitar.” out of my head.

update on current me: im very sick  it’s ridiculous because i think i have a dangerously high pain tolerance and yet ive been basically couchridden for 2 days.  maybe throat and all-around ickiness is one of those types i cant handle, but i think im actually just pretty ill.

update on past me: in the hospital, the nurse said it was okay to cough (i dont remember this but my parents told me the entire first day that she okayed it.)  turns out its not okay, i might as well have been singing “LETS MAKE THE RUDDER OUT OF MY GUITAR” loudly for the first 13 hrs.  Called the doctor cause i now can’t stop coughing and they said don’t you dare cough.

also, in the hospital, i tried to suck ice and water up a spoon thinking it was a straw.  the man nurse’s reaction was priceless and i just went back to sleep.

current me again: i do work all day for hours, then watch one episode of the office, then do more work.  there’s praying sure, but no running.  i can barely breathe through my throat when im NOT running outside

future me: i have the world’s most difficult paper ever due on sunday, work to do for VA, a huge groups assignment, and two other papers to work on.  i am a bit concerned.

update on my amazing friends:

Becca hyland wins the booby prize ( not the booby for my AMAZING GIFT BASKET.  it has:

  • a loofah that looks like a monkey (hugging me)
  • 10 flavors (yes flavors) of playdoh.
  • a LUCKY magazine.
  • tissue paper.
  • pedicure stuff!
  • post its.
  • an amazing giant black sharpie.
  • a hug.
  • a delicious sobe.
  • shiny pinwheels.

Dan: came on day 1 and brought me a pen connected by shiny bling to a sweet pad of paper.

Chris: left mystery raspberry sherbet on the porch.  I sent hannah (my minion) to fetch it.

Brenna Cammeron!: sent me a sweet notecard that made me smile.

Jason Barber: brought me all sorts of DVDs and CDs!  to be returned.

oh wait, 1st runner up to the booby prize: iris wilcox and her family brought my mom a cake that looks like it should be at a wedding, not my house. and they brought once (the irish musical).

second runner up: VanDamme sent flowers!  amazing!  i’ve never recieved flowers from a van delivering directly to me!  they’re GORGEOUS and the little man who dropped them off said i would sing like a bird soon.

mom: has been doting on me and giving me ginger ale, rice pudding (its gone..noooooo) and today new clothes to cheer me up.  i feel especially loved and quite annoying.

oh and bec brought scrabble and wouldve won if i hadnt quit. and she brought the office (whose season 1 i’ve finished)

i feel as though i am missing something.  God blessed me with great friends and a great dad who got me a new charger for my laptop last night (it died with very bad timing.)  it had fried itself.  he had to go all the way to VICTOR for the new one. 🙂  okay, rambling. thanks for the prayers!

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for crying out not loud!

Today i woke up feeling worse throat-wise, and even a little scared. My throat wasnt supposed to hurt this much, and I’m not allowed to cough or clear my throat but can’t help it and do it anyways. Basically, I think my voice is doomed.

Also found out yesterday that the thing they took off wasn’t a polyp, but rather part of some weird virus that “likely returns” but can be treated with a laser next time. so i’m more down in the dumps today than you’d normally ever encounter in terms of Becca-relations.

other items of note:

a.) my room is a shambles. its so messy and i dont feel up to cleaning it at all.

b.) i emailed my professor about my hardest class ever. he is an amazing instructor, (if we were at a phd level) but gives us more intensive assignments per week than i’ve ever HEARD of. It’s a class way above my level in general and this surgery has made me think i’d like to try an “incomplete” and finish next quarter when i can fully participate.

the problem is: i already missed the entire jazz festival and all last weekend and other summer weekends because i was doing work for the course. it makes me not want to drop it now. i still feel better already after emailing him. but its humbling. quite humbling.

c.) im probably not getting a phd. not 100 percent sure, but likely not.

d.) my laptop charger died. bad bad timing.

e.) visit me?

I like vandamme cause theyre letting me work from home this week. and having office luncheons while im not around. how dare they have fun without me. 🙂

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well: things i’ve figured out

a.) walk around = throw up(ish).

b.) tastes good = nothing.

c.) throat = kills.

d.) ability to not make any sound = impossible. ive already messed up.

e.) sign language = wont work, my hands are still screwy from earlier today.

f.) siblings = caleb is adorable and sweet (first day anyway) and answers my cowbell ringing.  hopefully wont need that for more than a day or two.

so seriously, i cant do this. and it hurts. ah..

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lack of posts/request

i am ridiculously busy.

im sorry i rarely post.

i need music with no words so that when i am post-surgery, unable to sing along, i wont forget and try and wreck my voice.  so, will you recommend songs/make me a new cd?  thanks!


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everyone likes exotic coasters.

just a point ive been making recently to friends traveling abroad and wanting practical gifts  you can’t go wrong with exotic coasters.  i bought two sets (one for papa and one for my ceo.)  I wish id gotten more, but uh, i do have 3-4 suitcases of merchandise for sale on saturday-see craigslist:

anyway, my house is loud and filled with extra teenagers.  they consume all the food and beverages, leaving me with water and old mushrooms in the fridge.  They’re here for the celtics game and im starting to want the series to be finished.  series?  championship. finals. whatever.

im very tired.  i realized in the beginning of the week (monday!) that if i dont stay on top of my 25 hours of classwork per week, i will fall behind.  so i attempted to stay on top of it (and did!) but i miss people already and there’ll be more of this where all that came from.  schedule: work 8-5, dinner, work on hw til 12.


when possible, i combine dinner with jeoprady.  Concerning me today: i’ve gotten most questions right the past several times ive watched it (unless i was with rachel metzger because she is intimidating).  It scares me how i get the final jeoprady question right every night, from “colonial pennames” to “numbers”.  NUMBERS?!  how could i get it right!?  every contestant got it wrong.  it’s terrifying.  if i had time, i’d go whoop up all over.  hurrah for trivial matters and pointless knowledge!

more bragging about my skills in english and humanities.  someone spank me with words in the comments section.  that is, if you think you can use them as well as i can.

have i ever posted about the sermon i heard by tim keller concerning prayer?  the one that says it’s harder to pray for 30 minutes than preach for 30 minutes?  he says he’s had a few bad sermons, rambled, etc. but NEVER NEVER so bad that he FORGOT he was PREACHING!  thats how hard it is to pray. i do it often (get really distracted) and frankly, i’m sick of it.  all we are as christians is how we are in prayer cause anything else could be a show.  but prayer is between you and God and no one knows how much you do it.

this weekend is a long one.  making bracelets for a mission trip friday night, then selling african crafts at church saturday then fathers day!  workend weather is partly funny with a chance of scattered homework.

p.s. i really hope you all know i’m joking about my skills.  sometimes i trouble use words and soon not speak all.


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